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Go backward to move forward

My lower back is so unbelievably stiff today, and I know exactly why. There was an article a while back about erotic dreams being more common for those who are sleeping face down. In my experience, one is also more likely to have longer, more vivid dreams that way, whether or not they take a naughty turn. It's because we experience the world mostly by observing what's in front of us, and when you're sleeping face down, the front of your body collects a lot of tactile input. The dream just has more to work with.

I can't really remember anything that happened in my dreams last night, but I remember moving in and out of consciousness, thinking, I should really flip over. Whenever I lay on my stomach too long, my back really hurts the next day. Stupid body.

Thankfully, it's while getting up or sitting down when I really feel the back stiffness. Walking was pretty much unaffected, so I set out today to take the "rusty old car" path up to the side, then be sure I could recognize where to walk back down that way in the future.

Today's awesome walk, 4.43 miles in 1:36, 9,516 steps, 459ft gain
4.43 miles in 1:36, 9,516 steps, 459ft gain

Yet another pair of glasses! Seems like you'd have to try pretty hard to lose them with one of those straps on them.


Another day, another spectacular sunrise I got to see a tiny sliver of.


The rusty car is at point A on the map, and what I wanted was to find a landmark somewhere up above it. There are lots of trails that intersect and run next to each other up there, but I finally found a spot I think I'll be able to recognize. This tree is at point B on the map, and it's the Easternmost part of a band of them that crosses several trails. I think I might be able to find my way to that if I come in from the West, but I won't know until I try.


Neat sky on the way back. Once I got to the main road, it was juuuust a bit too bright, though.


My next test will be to see if I can enter from the neighborhoods and find my way to point B. I'm aware that I can drop a pin on the map on my phone, or add a star, and that I can use the relative position to the streets on the map while I'm in there, but what I'd really like is to become so familiar with the area that I don't need to. There's a part of me that wishes all the trails were mapped and marked, but the bigger part of me enjoys the challenge of going without those.

Those three mountain bikers with the dog were there today, and I ran into them twice. That's never happened before, and it was kind of weird to me. You'd think since they can go so far in the same amount of time, I'd see them once and then they'd be long gone.


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