christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Shameless self promotion

I've always wanted to make and sell jewelry, but it's been pretty easy to talk myself out of it all my life. I was recently inspired again while looking for the aforementioned perfect keychain, and realized I'm finally in a great position to do it. It's easy to open a shop online, I've got lots of free time in the afternoons, etc.

So I finally set up my shop, TumbleTowne. I'll eventually do some nicer items with tumbled rocks and faux sea glass, but I wanted to launch with a bunch of Halloween items. Since it's coming up soon, it was a good motivator to buckle down and get enough stock made to do a decent grand opening.

I set it up to do US shipping only, because I didn't want to deal with international shipping, but I'd of course do it separately from the shop for people I know online.

Here's my favorite piece, with a few others behind the cut.


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