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Landmarks: How do They Work?

My back is still bothering me, so I decided I would definitely do my trusty yoga video when I got home from my walk. With that in mind, I kept today's walk short. All I wanted to do was enter from the West and find my way to the center using the "rusty car" trail. The thing I failed to do a couple of times already.

I found my landmark quite easily.


However, I took a wrong turn once I got there.

Today's awesome walk, 3.9 miles in 1:28, 8,386 steps, 412ft gain
3.9 miles in 1:28, 8,386 steps, 412ft gain

I didn't include the whole route this time because I didn't feel like stitching together two screenshots. The part not shown up top is pretty much the same as it always is. The tree is at point A, and I turned right when I should have turned left. Oops. But I climbed back up and found the path I wanted.


I set a new record today for number of cyclists encountered. One guy biking by himself stopped just short of running into me at point A. When I got to point B, I could hear and then see the three guys with the dog I see all the time across way, giving me plenty of time to find a tree to grab onto and pull myself out of their way, which they appreciated. Once I got back to the main center trail, I saw a guy biking up somewhere near point C. Five cyclists!

When the walk was done, I decided to swing by the beach to see if the portapotty had been moved yet. I filled in a form on the Port's website eight days ago and someone got back to me the same day saying they'd let the city know it needed to be moved. Not sure what day it happened, but it's done.


They did exactly what I would have done, which is turn the smaller one 90 degrees counterclockwise and keep the handicap-accessible one facing the same direction, move it off the step, and scoot it back.

Got home and was surprised to find out one of our bushes gets these purple blooms. If it happened last year, I didn't notice.


It'd been ages since I did yoga and it was weird being back on the mat. I could use a nap.


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