christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Sam update, me update

He's spending an odd amount of time on the afghan we put on the couch upstairs for him, but that might just be because it's a new, soft place to enjoy and get his scent all over. If he wasn't there, he'd be on Garrett's bed all day. Once in a while he hangs out on mine. Other than that? So normal. I put out the last of vet-prescribed chicken and rice that I made, and whined for his regular wet food. Maybe whining isn't the right term, as he's quite demanding.

He'll get some regular wet food tonight and we'll see if he has a normal night. There's only been one real incident since the day he went to the vet, when he got into some dry food I didn't realize Sam hadn't finished. But that was the very next day, and he wasn't supposed to have any of his regular food yet.


My back is already doing so much better. I wish a doctor would have recommended yoga as an alternative to PT years ago. It's just so much more effective for me. And less boring. And quicker. And easier. I think I'll finish this week out with yoga and do a Sunday morning walk. Assuming I feel as good Sunday morning as I do right now.

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