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Back at it

My most recent episode of lower back pain was at least well-timed. We've had a lot of wind and rain, so being stuck inside doing yoga was a good option. I was finally ready to go out again yesterday, but didn't actually do it until this morning. Since it's staying dark later and later, and I knew the steep parts on either side of the gulch would be too scary if they were muddy, I decided that I'd do a pretty normal Western counterclockwise loop.

Today's awesome walk, 5.16 miles in 1:44, 11,105 steps, 598ft gain
5.16 miles in 1:44, 11,105 steps, 598ft gain

I don't mind entering the area I went through today after a storm. It's a lot flatter and there's no danger of sliding down a steep hill or anything. Unless I change my schedule drastically, I probably won't see much more of anything but the center trail for a while. It was pretty dark, and I had to really watch where I was going to make sure I didn't get into the mud or slip on any roots or branches.

Discarded furniture I came upon just after leaving the gulch. I love this shade of green.


Sunrise over Schwan's.


One thing I did differently today was take the long way from point A to point B on the map. I just wanted to see what all was over there. It's a pretty dull business park, and it's definitely not pedestrian friendly.

Boeing on a misty morning.


One thing that occurred to me in the gulch today was that there were definitely tons of new fallen trees, but since there are always fallen trees, it wasn't really obvious which ones are new. This one's new, for sure.


Nicely-framed sky near the end of the walk.


It's been a pretty relaxing day. Once I was showered, Garrett made breakfast and then I went shopping. I hadn't been to the thrift stores in a while, so I went to two Value Villages, two St. Vincent de Paul shops, a Goodwill, and a liquidator shop, plus Harbor Freight tools. Mostly I was looking for stuff to make into jewelry. And I was really hoping this cool Nagel picture I saw a couple of months ago would still be at St. Vincent's, because everything in their stores was 50% off today. Unfortunately, it was gone.

Garrett also made us a very nice lunch before heading down to Sea-Tac for a business trip. It's just me and the boys for a few days.


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