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Just Beachy

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, but didn't want to write the whole morning off. Instead of a big sweaty climb, I opted for a mellow beach loop. I recently noticed that people are allowed to walk in one area I figured would be off limits, and decided it was finally time to explore that.

Almost every time I go to the beach, I find myself racing against time. I still always think it's going to be darker than it ends up being, so I'm always rushing to see more of the sunrise. I also saw the ferry start to pull away and was trying to find just the right spot to get a shot of it near the lighthouse.


The beach was lovely, as always.


I think this was the first time I've ever been there when this, uh, cargo thing had a bunch of containers on it.


I recently noticed on a sign that you can walk from the Sounder station platform two different ways to get to the beach. Only one of them has a view of the water, so there's really no reason to take the other one unless you want to go in loops or enjoy the views of big concrete pens, piles of old rusty metal, and strange debris. But I finally checked it out today. On the map, it's the little branch where the mile 2 mark occurs.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 2.69 miles in 53 minutes, 5,788 steps, 169ft gain
2.69 miles in 53 minutes, 5,788 steps, 169ft gain



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