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Something a little different

I hadn't seen the ballfields and recreation area in a while, because they're a hell of a climb from the center of the gulch, and I've been staying off the steep trails since it rained. So today, I parked next to that area instead. Seaway Boulevard, the road that leads in there, is very steep, so it's good for some easy, safe climbs.

Not so great for photos, though. Most of the time, you're on a road surrounded by very tall trees, so it all looks pretty much like this.


I didn't see much open sky until I was right by where I started.


Decided I'd add a small loop on the trails instead of avoiding them altogether. That area by the rec center is the fancy part of the trails. They're very well maintained, with lots of wood chips, and the plants are cut way back. And it's flat.

Today's awesome walk, 3.64 miles in 1:11, 7,837 steps, 374ft gain
3.64 miles in 1:11, 7,837 steps, 374ft gain

It's been a pretty mellow day. We're looking for a futon for the guest room which is also my office, and haven't really had any luck. After visiting a few stores up in Marysville, we picked up burgers to take down to Garrett's parents.

We hit the Everett Farmers' Market before all of that, though, and here's a neat picture I got there.


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