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Darkness falls across the land

I'm not a fan of summer at all, but I definitely got a lot of non-summery enjoyment because of it this year. The trails were nice and dry most of the time, and I could go really early because sunrise starts as early as 5:10am. Sunrise is already 90 minutes later, but Mukilteo's the kind of place where lots of people are out early jogging, biking, and walking dogs, so I'm still good as long as I start on the streets.

Parking the car while it's still pretty dark, I get more opportunities to see just what my phone's camera is capable of. This morning, I saw a vapor trail about to intersect with what I'm guessing was Venus, and managed to get a couple of decent shots.


Forgot a headband today. Wish I hadn't, because I stopped for a photo in the dark to show how well my safety harness shows up. Wish I'd had an orange sweatband for the photo.


Even natural colors look so nice in early morning low light.


I think they must have done some sort of maintenance on these tracks. Perhaps the rocks had piled up too much.


Today's route. This will probably be pretty typical for a while, though there will probably come a point where I stay out of the Western portion of the gulch due to rain or darkness. The center will be suitable year round.

Today's awesome walk, 5.06 miles in 1:40, 10,876 steps, 487ft gain
5.06 miles in 1:40, 10,876 steps, 487ft gain

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