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Winter planning

Monday's walk left me thinking about how they'll play out in the next few months. Mainly, I was curious what the differences would be in the walk stats (time, distance, gain) if I stay on the streets until the second half. It turns out there is a difference, but it's not as drastic as I figured.

This is how dark it was when I arrived at the parking lot. The gulch is open from dawn until dusk, so obviously this would be a bit early to enter.


It didn't take long until it was decently bright out. This giant cloud that was out over the water was delightful.


Here's the route. It was .4 miles shorter than the day before, and about 20 feet less of a climb. Far more boring, though. Those zig-zags on the residential streets are pretty dull. But it's still really nice to know that it's a pretty decent climbing route that should be doable year round.

Today's awesome walk, 4.65 miles in 1:30, 10,007 steps, 463ft gain
4.65 miles in 1:30, 10,007 steps, 463ft gain

Starting off when it's dark makes it so I get some good sunrise views by from the business park. I'm always saying you need to go to parking lots for good views around here because there are so many trees, and sometimes it's really true. That's why people pay a premium to live on really steep hills.


I never got a chance to post yesterday because it was a crazy day. My duties at work are changing a lot, and we've been on lots of conference calls for training. And those calls have been fraught with technical issues. By the time I was finally done with all that yesterday, it was time to make dinner. Things will be interesting for a couple of weeks, but should settle down after that.

I'm actually still trying to decide if I want to go out this morning. I may stay in for yoga instead. Here are a bunch more sunrise photos from yesterday.




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