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Embrace the rain, for it is inevitable

I ended up doing yoga yesterday after all. The 40-minute one I used to do all the time. I was pretty rusty on some of the moves, but did pretty well. I briefly thought about doing yoga again today, but that plan went out the window when I bashed my knee on the side of a door yesterday. It's definitely too tender to even think about getting on all fours. I was actually worried walking might even hurt, but it was fine. I also entertained thoughts of heading from the West side of the gulch into the center via the rusty car trail, but it rained overnight and things were pretty wet.

I set out a little later than I have been so that it wouldn't be as dark. Realizing that the gates at the beach parking lot would almost certainly be open, I decided that starting there and taking the long way to the gulch and going up the center would be a great route without any mud. I know I've said I don't really like out-and-back routes very much, but it's time to embrace them a little more. For one thing, they make it possible to walk exactly as much as I want. Today I decided I'd go at least five miles, and because I was going to go back the way I came, I was able to turn just after 2.5 miles. Efficient!

I've also figured out the hard way that it'd be in my best interest to get really familiar with the trails going both directions, as I've had problems before going the way that's opposite what I'm used to, and getting a little lost. And I've also gone further than I wanted to before my underestimating how big the loop I was making would turn out to be.

I will say I was a little sad not to be in the gulch when this plane flew over. The gulch is basically the last land before the runway at Paine Field; there are even runway lights in the South end. Being there when one of these bad boys flies over is always awesome. It was cool being at the beach, but it would have been so much lower in the gulch.


Yay slugs!


I actually saw two ferries leave today because of my out-and-back route.


This sign's at the temporary walkway to the beach. It cracked me up today because it made me think of adult life. What's next? Who knows?


I finally understand how this thing works! The top part moves back and forth. Makes sense now. Ha.


Today's awesome walk, 5.09 miles in 1:39, 10,947 steps, 511ft gain
5.09 miles in 1:39, 10,947 steps, 511ft gain

I can actually see myself doing this walk a lot if it's going to be rainy. I might go a little further next time. One weird thing was feeling my body shut down a bit as I was coming back to the parking area at the gulch. Even though I wasn't parked there and had another 1.5 miles to go, I'm so used to it being the end of the course that my body got ready for the end. Force of habit is really something.

It started raining again as I passed my regular parking spot. I always feel a second wind come on when it rains while I'm walking.

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