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Seeing what's possible

I've been waiting to leave a lot of mornings lately because I don't want it to be pitch black when I get out there, but it's probably better to leave when I feel like it and just see what happens. So that's what I did this morning.

As you can see, it was quite dark when I parked the car. This was taken from the spot where I stretch before I head out.


It was a bit brighter when I got to the Gulch entrance off 19th. I decided to download a flashlight app for my phone just in case, but I never ended up turning it on. I always keep my eye on the trail so I don't trip on stuff, and today just required a little more effort. I also turned my music off for a while.

I mentioned the other day that there are runway lights toward the end of the gulch. I've posted them before, when some hired goats were cleaning up in the area. Here they are again with a cool blob of fog.


Today's route.

Today's awesome walk, 4.91 miles in 1:42, 10,549 steps, 489ft gain
4.91 miles in 1:42, 10,549 steps, 489ft gain

Yoga for my back yesterday was a good idea. It feels a lot better today and the walk was much more enjoyable.


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