christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Nice morning

I parked the car in the dark, as usual.


The clouds made me think a sunrise at the beach would be nice.

I typically head straight from the road that leads down to the ferry over to Edgewater Beach, but decided to pop over and see the lighthouse today.

(Click for video.)

It was a really nice morning, and I wasn't in the mood for a big climb or anything, so I spent some time enjoying the beach before heading back to the car.


The geoducks were very busy! (Click for video.)

Today's awesome walk, 2.9 miles in 1:08, 6,191 steps, 186ft gain
2.9 miles in 1:08, 6,191 steps, 186ft gain

My instinct to take it easy today was correct; my back was pretty stiff when I got home. I went to the pool to tread water for half an hour this afternoon, and I'll do yoga tomorrow.


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