christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Not walking, but still running around

I decided yesterday that there'd be no walk today. My back hurts and I need some yoga to make it better. Treading water at the pool for cardio's nice, too. Even though the "yoga for your back" routine takes 20 minutes and I treaded water for 30, and usually walk for much longer than that, today's been extra busy.

As soon as Garrett pulled out of the garage, I got to work on garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste. I could probably do it with both cars in, but it'd be tight, so I do it when he's not around. I always wish on Thursday mornings that I'd gotten it ready on Wednesday, so I'll try to get it ready on Wednesday more often.

I got everything to the curb, picked some apples from the neighbor's tree, ran in for yoga, scooped the cat box, brushed my teeth, showered, made breakfast, heated up some coffee, and got to my desk with three minutes to spare before my conference call. That was quite short.

I spent a while over Skype trying to help a coworker get something set up on her computer. It still doesn't work, but I got a lot of the initial stuff in order so the vendor can address just the issue instead of starting with the install. I fed the cats, which doesn't seem like a big job, but they have to be supervised or Sam will eat Steve's food.

Got dressed, headed to the pool, swam my 30 minutes, showered, and went to an Asian buffet for lunch. Then an Asian grocery store, and Big Lots.

There were a bunch of dishes waiting to be done at home, so I took care of that, then washed all the apples I picked.

Watched a local indie movie called My Effortless Brilliance, which stars Sean Nelson, who writes for The Stranger and is the lead singer of Harvey Danger. I'm currently playing 2046, but it has subtitles, and I really only read subtitles when I'm in bed. I wish all DVDs had an English dub option. I don't have a DVD player for the bedroom so I'll just enjoy this as much as I can without fully paying attention. It's a pretty movie.

Garrett just handed me a glass of fancy cider, and Thursday is the night he's in charge of dinner. So as much as I ran around today, it's time to just enjoy the rest.

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