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I said I'd review the recipes, and I've been pretty lax

At this point, I've made quite a few Forks Over Knives recipes. Not as many as I could have, because I've liked some of them enough to make them two or three times. After today's lunch, I realized I should probably talk about a few of them.

Caramelized Onion and Pepper Quesadillas
I made these a couple of weeks ago and didn't really enjoy them at all. They take forever, and fell apart when I tried to eat them. And held the heat very well, so they hurt a lot as they were falling apart. The recipe was enough for six small quesadillas, though, and two makes for a pretty good entree, so I froze four of them. Turns out, they're way better reheated! They stayed together very well even though I cut them in quarters. I'll make them again, but won't eat them the day I make them.

Easy Thai Noodles
These are excellent. Really good. I've had to make various substitutions each time I've made it, and it always turns out. I've never used a bag of frozen vegetables like the recipe suggests, which may be why it always turns out so good.

Oh, it turns out I mentioned this recipe in August when I made it for guests, but I didn't link to it before. Anyway, it's great, and even better the next day cold. Not sure I'd attempt to freeze this one, though.

Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers
These are really good. I've made a few kinds of vegan burgers, and these are the best of the ones I've done. They stay together pretty well, and the recipe produces lots of patties. I've started making larger patties and using Dave's Killer Bread slices instead of buns, because their buns come in four-packs, and the patty size if I make four is much too big for those buns. Larger portions with vegan dishes are nice anyway.

Ratatouille Fusilli
Pass. The lentils are boring, the eggplant is too much. I got my recipes mixed up and accidentally added some tomato paste, which should have helped, but it didn't.

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