christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Stolen moments, stolen photos

I completely forgot to mention that we went to Los Alamos! We had lunch there after the Shidoni visit, and drove through Los Alamos National Labs to get to Valles Caldera. I didn't take any photos there, because the guard at the LANL checkpoint told us not to take any photos, and I didn't realize we'd driven beyond the area where we had to worry about that. Which was dumb of me, because we were obviously in a national park. Luckily, Garrett took some.

The caldera is totally cool. Looking down at the top of the crater and seeing just grass is neat, seeing as how the eruption was over a million years ago. Still no trees!

I was also driving when we went by a gallery that has tons of kinetic art. I'd love to have some of these pieces around the yard.

He took tons of photos and videos during our trip. Check them out over at his blog.

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