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I reserve the right to change my mind

Woke up this morning not feeling particularly sore at all, and also not in the mood for yoga. So I went for a walk. That ended up working out nicely, because we had a conference call that was supposed to end at noon, and didn't, and then I decided it would be best if I worked this afternoon. The time I spent working was the open swim time at the pool, so I would have missed that if I'd planned on it.

I didn't know until I pulled out of the garage that we had tons of spoopy fog this morning. It was awesome. I headed over to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island to enjoy it, as well as the paved path that's not susceptible to muddy conditions. It was still quite dark when I got there, but it was after the opening time and perfectly pleasant.


This is the tallest mushroom I've ever seen. (cc: suxdonut)


Today's awesome walk, 4.58 miles in 1:26, 9,858 steps
4.58 miles in 1:26, 9,858 steps

I planned to walk North on the trail until it ends like I did the last time I was there, today was the day I finally encountered something I knew was a possibility but doubted I'd ever see: a hunter! I've always known hunting was allowed in that area, but after so many visits without seeing or hearing any, I started to think it wasn't going to happen. But today I saw a hunting dog who came up to say hi, and then I saw his hunter all decked out in brown camo standing on the side of the trail. No clue which side he was watching and whether I saw the back of his head or the front, but I waved and walked the other direction, and heard several shots a little while later.

It's been a pretty productive day. I picked up a new pan to replace the one I threw out because the cheap logo on the bottom left a silvery scuff on our brand new glass cooktop. I was hoping to find the ScotchBrite cooktop cleaner while I was there, but no such luck. I'll order one. I also bought the Fred Meyer version of the Magic Eraser to try, but I need to do more research before I'll try it. Some people say magic erasers are perfect on glass cooktops, while others say never to use them. I just want the scuff gone.

I also got a flu shot!



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