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Magic by mail

No denying it, today was the day for some yoga and swimming. Thankfully not because my lower back was super sore or anything, but because my ankles and tendons needed a break. Not really surprising with two great walks after such a long time off. I could tell it was nice out and was bummed I wouldn't be heading out, but I at least got some nice photos from the kitchen and back deck.


Such a neat morning.

Work was super busy and today was another day where I worked later than normal because it seemed better to just get it over with. Nobody else is on my schedule and it seems like everything is always happening in the afternoon. The stuff I worked on today came in yesterday shortly after I signed off, so I was already a bit behind. But I've also been picking stuff up early that's submitted after hours, so it balances out.

I took a break during the lunch hour to run to the pool for a swim. They've done some Halloween decorating.

Halloween display at the swim center

Shortly after my afternoon conference call, some neat stuff came in the mail.

It's a shame to take a brand new one out of the package, but I wanted one to play with that wasn't all scratched up.
Also in today's mail...

I've been collecting Zima stuff for ages, but the Magic Window is a new obsession. I mentioned them on twitter by description only recently, and someone replied with the name. I ordered the inventor's new version, which is constructed really well with safety glass and an aluminum frame, but the sand colors don't have as much contrast and it's nowhere near as much fun. I've also bought a couple of desktop versions that also have water, and was watching auctions for a long time before finally buying this original version. Unfortunately, the ones that are cheaper because they aren't still in the packaging are always scratched up, and the ones in the packages are expensive. So I finally just paid up.

I'm not making any predictions about tomorrow. Except that I'll be a little busy.


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