christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

My prediction came true. Very true.

I decided yesterday not to have a plan for today, as I'm tired of thinking I know how things will shake out and changing my mind a lot. But I said I knew it would be busy.

My ankles were actually a little sore, so I decided right away that there wouldn't be a walk. After working a couple of hours, I decided to get a little shopping done. I get paid monthly now, and have set up a weekly "payday" transfer on Thursdays because I got used to weekly pay on Thursday after having it that way for many years. That makes it a good day for shopping, because there's plenty of cash in my account, and WinCo doesn't take credit cards.

And I had a secondary goal. USA Today had a special edition today, with a cover like the one from Back to the Future 2. I've been pretty tired of the relentless BTTF stuff all over social media, but still wanted one. WinCo doesn't sell papers, but I got some good food there. No luck finding the paper at Safeway or 7-11 in our old neighborhood, but I grabbed a couple of things at Safeway. Stopped by Grocery Outlet to see what was new, grabbed a few things, no papers there but I wasn't expecting any. The Everettt Haggen is closing soon and nobody really shopped there anyway, so I figured I might have a shot. They had exactly one.

I got one.

Again, I grabbed a few more things. Then I headed home and, as I approached our street, I remembered there was something I needed that I'd have to go to QFC for: porcini mushrooms. Way too many stops this morning, but I got everything I was after. Got home, put out the garbage recycling, and jumped on several conference calls. And got added to some. I ended up doing five conference calls today! That's a record for me. The last one was at 3:30pm, which was a bummer since I started at 4am, but I had a couple of hours before it, so I made mushroom stroganoff for future lunches, did yoga, and showered again.

It was a very productive day, and there's one thing I keep putting off; I should really decorate for Halloween. We got exactly one trick-or-treater last year, so I haven't been highly motivated. Maybe tomorrow


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