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Sunday Funday

I timed my walk pretty well so that, while it was still pretty dark when I parked my car at the beach, there was just enough light when I entered the gulch. There's a sign on the road to the beach stating its hours are dawn to dusk, but the gates were unlocked, so I went ahead and parked.

The darkness was fun.

Spoopy morning

I wore my new shorts that I got on clearance.

New shorts for walking. Understated, just like me.

Someone I follow on twitter retweeted this photo of these clouds a woman spotted near Boeing shortly after I got home.

Funnily enough, I'd taken this picture just before I got in the car, and think it's the same clouds, but earlier.


The route was nice. I came in via my favorite of the Western entrances, and came down via the rusty car trail.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.72 miles in 1:35, 10,150 steps, 557ft gain
4.72 miles in 1:35, 10,150 steps, 557ft gain

I thought about continuing up the East side for a bit, but wanted to get home so we could head out to brunch at our neighborhood hangout. That was a lot of fun.


I enjoyed that the tire shop's trees currently match it nicely.


On the way home, we finally met the woman who lives next door. We've both met her ex-husband several times, and I've been over there a bunch of times picking apples, but that was the first time I've had a chance to meet her. Well, there was one other, but our driveway is much lower than their yard, and I would have been right at crotch level and it would have been awkward so I didn't say anything that time. She was really nice. I brought over a jar of the apple butter I made from their apples, and we also gave her the beers that have been sitting in our fridge since July 4th. We both like beer but just never really feel like drinking it.

She got the grand tour of our house and also met the cats.


While we were out in front of her house, we saw a squirrel get hit by her neighbor on the other side as she drove past. It jumped a few more steps to the side of the road and died on the spot, and then the neighborhood black cat we call Janet walked over, picked it up in her mouth, and took off with it. Circle of life, etc.


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