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Reach for the moon

I'd heard a lot about how awesome the moon was last night, but never stepped outside to have a look, so I figured I'd head out nice and early for the Langus Riverfront Park. It's one of the few places I go with lots of sky visibility, and as long as it's after 6am, I don't worry about how dark it is when I show up. I hadn't even thought about the fact that it might be really, really foggy. And it was.

The moon was low, but I got an awesome photo of it before it slipped out of view completely.

Crazy moon

And of course, tons of fog photoz.

Reflections of, the way life used to be

Grabbed a selfie as it had been a while and a big change is coming later this week.

Spoopy fog selfie

I have mixed feelings about the way Instagram does mirror images when you use the front-facing camera. I think it makes for better pictures for the person who takes it, because we're used to our reflection. But it's backwards. Sigh.

A nice little scene in the back yard when the fog broke up a bit as the sunrise arrived.

The dramatic final throes of this morning's fog

Today's awesome walk, 4.16 miles in 1:20, 8,942 steps
4.16 miles in 1:20, 8,942 steps

Saw the weirdest thing as I approached point A on the map. A truck pulled up, and I figured it was a hunter since the spot over the bridge and North of there is the hunting area, and that's as close as one can park for hunting. But after the truck turned 180 degrees, I saw a dog come running up. The driver made sure the dog didn't follow me as I did that little Southern dip to the right (didn't want to turn back until I hit two miles) but then he took off again. And came back, with the dog chasing the whole time. Guess that's how he exercises his dog, by having his dog chase him back and forth between points A and B. Huh.


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