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A break of sorts

I decided a while back that Thursdays are a pretty good day to devote to yoga and swimming. The main reason is that Thursday is garbage/recycling/food and yard waste day, and I've always hated coming home from a walk and dealing with that. But before the walk is too early, and any other random time is annoying because I like a shower after. So if I do a yoga video, take out all that stuff, then shower, it's perfect.

There are other things that make Thursdays stand out from the other days. It used to be my final day in the office each week when I only worked from home on Fridays. It was also my payday for a long time because they processed everything at once and timed it so people who got paid by check got theirs on Friday, so those of us who got direct deposit got it a day earlier. I really liked that because I could make a payment online and it'd be processed Friday instead of Monday. Then they changed their policy and Friday became the day. Then I changed employers and went to monthly pay, but now we have it set up we get weekly "allowances" from our joint account, and mine's on Thursdays again.

It's also the day I typically go out for lunch. Working from home means eating at home a lot, so I decided a while back to preserve my sanity by going out for lunch once a week. This has become even more important now that my other lunches and breakfasts during the work week are vegan stuff that I make myself. My weekly lunch out is such a nice break now. And since the open swim period at the swim center begins at noon, it's perfect if I pop over there and have lunch right after.

My favorite thing about Thursdays is that it's the one day a week I'm not in charge of dinner. I used to cook dinner all the time, but it got really frustrating to never get a break, so I said I needed one night a week off and Thursday's what Garrett chose. It's great. For those who don't know, we divide our chores around here by task instead of by time, and it's worked out well because neither of us has to do the stuff we really hate. And it makes sense for me to make more of the meals since I have so much time in the house each day and can go grocery shopping just about whenever I want. Garrett's got a chicken roasting in the oven right now.

Yoga was good today. I think it may have been the first time that I lasted as long as the instructor through all three plank-related exercises. The swim was nice as well; 30 minutes of effort, slightly winded at the end. Then I hit the store for a few things I'd forgotten during recent trips, and finally checked out the newish Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood. I'm happy to report that the food was good, the menu was large, and they have a bar we can go to happy hour in sometime. And they even have fried ice cream. I haven't had that in 30 years or so.

The trees near the swim center look nice right now.


I sampled all three of these salt substitutes, and they're all awful. The no-salt ketchup I buy now is made with the AlsoSalt, so maybe it's decent in recipes. But I'm afraid of ruining food by trying to cook with it.

These are awful and I'm shocked anyone has ever bought a second shaker of any of them.

Happy National Cat Day! I gave Steve and Sam makeovers yesterday with the Perfect365 app.



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