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Feelin' loopy

I have a long appointment at noon today, so I'll be eating lunch early. That made me decide to eat breakfast early, and go on my walk a little later, which was perfect, because it's dark so late. It was raining pretty hard when I woke up, so I decided I'd head to the Lowell Riverfront Park. The main trail there is paved, so there's a decent walk to be had there no matter what.

I've been curious about the new neighborhood being built down there. Looks like they're still just moving piles of dirt around and covering them up with tarps. I don't know what's taking so long. This hill has grass on it now, so that's new.


I've often wondered if that neighborhood will have easy access to the park trail. Turns out they will. The trail used to have a dead end, but now it connects up with the new street right near what I think will be the entrance.


My original plan was to perhaps just stay on the pavement, but there were people up ahead with a couple of dogs, and I always hate walking past people. They are often just fast enough that I have to go too fast in order to pass, and then my shins hurt. One of my main decision-making methods when it comes to choosing a route is to just avoid people. It works pretty well. I jumped off the main trail because of those two, and back on later because of another guy heading my way.

Luckily, the non-paved trails at LRP hold up pretty well in heavy rain, so I looped around to try to cover the whole area. Glad I went down there, as Autumn's quickly slipping away and it was nice to catch the last bits of it.


No trip down there is complete without climbing the big staircase and taking photos from up above.


There's a rad waterfall built into the bridge.


Even the parking area is lovely.


Today's route. I'm starting to really like these OpenStreetMap maps since they show the trails.

Today's awesome walk, 3.5 miles in 1:08, 7,537 steps
3.5 miles in 1:08, 7,537 steps

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