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Halloween was a bust once again. We were so excited when the doorbell finally rang, but instead of trick-or-treaters, it was our neighbor we recently made friends with. We invited her in and had a grand old time chatting with her for over two hours. That worked out nicely because it kept us up late, which I think should help with the transition to Standard Time. I also stayed in bed late and skipped the walk.

Some recent photos

Steve supervising as I decorated outside.

My supervisor #cats #catsofinstagram

Our spoopy decor and lighting.

Come getcha candy!

Yesterday was also my niece's son's first birthday. We weren't sure how much food there would be at the party, so we went out for sushi beforehand. That was kind of a dumb move on our part because my other niece is quite the cook and there was really quite the spread there. Oh well. The sushi was awesome.

First time trying hand rolls. Love them.

Her new house is in our old neighborhood, so we went to a place that I now regret not trying while we lived there. We also finally went to the French bakery in the same shopping center. Garrett ordered a couple of brioche rolls, but they dropped all but one of them, so they gave us a roll and a loaf. Garrett made brioche French toast this morning, and he fed seagulls, ducks, and squirrels at the lake before the birthday party.

Feeding birbs
Duck pals
Then this happened

My niece's dog Bailey, hating her costume.

Terrifying spi-dog

I just read that the Lowell Riverfront park is closed due to flooding. The river was moving fast and was awfully deep last time I was there, and I figured this would happen. Glad I went when I did!


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