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"Let's make a burrito!"

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I made dinner
Press Your Luck
Lobster ravioli with a pan sauce I made from half an onion chopped and cooked until browning in olive oil, to which I added three cloves of garlic, about half a teaspoon of capers, salt, pepper, and the juice of three quarters of a lemon. When it cooked down a bit, I added a little more olive oil, then deglazed the pan with a few glugs of pinot grigio. As that cooked down again, I added a little bit of dijon, and because I found it a bit tart from the lemon, some Worcestershire. When the ravioli were cooked, I fished them out of the water and tossed them around in the other pan with a sparkle of parmesan.

I was originally planning to toss the peas in the rest of the lemon juice with olive oil, salt, and pepper, but the pasta turned out more lemony than I planned, so I used balsamic in its place.

Garlic parmesan bread sticks!

I made dinner

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I'd totally eat this. Even the green things.

I am so hungry .....

It looks delicious!

Do you know what a good side dish is for tomatoes? I've never seen any in my cookbooks but I'm hankering for tomatoes lately. Stipulation is there can't be anything like adobo sauce or cans of Mexican chilis because you can't get that stuff here. (you're now my cooking oracle/magic 8-ball)

My favorite by far is caprese. Tomatoes, basil, moz, and balsamic. So good!

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