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Cooking Over Walking

It's funny that I went to Langus Riverfront Park the other day to investigate it as a place to go when it rains a lot, and then it rained a lot and the place flooded. After yesterday's failure of a walk, I figured today would be a good day for yoga. I did that after a big shopping trip. It was Adriene's Yoga for Spinal Health video, which is a few minutes shorter than her Yoga for Your Back, but still quite a challenge.

After work was done, I started working on food. The first recipe, Fabulous Un-fried Falafel Burgers, requires a break of at least 30 minutes to let the mixture meld, so I started with that. I make slightly larger patties lately because I like to use toasted Dave's Killer Bread instead of buns, so this yielded five patties instead eight. Those are assembled and are about to go in the freezer, so the jury's still out. I'll add tahini, cabbage, and cucumbers when I eat them.

I also made Roasted Vegetable Pasta. It's always good advice to assume it'll take longer than a recipe says to make it, and this one was no exception. Mostly because of the time it takes to cut the vegetables into matchsticks. Not to mention the time I spent washing all the produce this morning.

Washin' that produce haul

It was all very worth it, though. This stuff is delicious.

Roasted vegetable pasta for lunch. It was gooooood.

I chose whole wheat elbows for the pasta. I'm not really into rosemary and definitely didn't feel like buying any fresh, so I put just a bit of dried rosemary in, and added a ton of fresh basil. So good. I ate one serving for lunch today, and there are two more in the fridge and another two in the freezer. I made ten meals today! I also bought stuff to make more Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers, but that was not happening today. Two recipes is plenty.

A couple of items arrived in today's mail. First, the slippers I've been eyeing for years and finally decided to get:

My horrifying new slippers.

Plus another tin Zima sign. It's way bigger than I pictured from the listing.

I will henceforth call eBay, zBay.


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