christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

New shoes

Longtime readers will be shocked, because I've been wearing the same shoes for years. Shortly after I started walking, I had to get shoes better suited for it. Ended up getting an excellent deal on LA Gear Paramounts at Big 5. Probably $28 or so. Ever since then, whenever they've been on sale, I've bought as many pair in my size as they had in stock. The most I've bought is three pair, but usually ended up with only one or two. And I refused to buy them when they weren't on sale, because they were always at least double that.

A few months ago, I noticed they were on clearance, so I called around to all the area stores to try to get my last pairs of them before they were no longer available. And I didn't manage to get any. I figured they'd be replaced by something very similar, and I was right. Enter the Primal. I actually bought three pair online, on sale, back in August. They were $21.99 each pair, marked down from $54.99. I finally decided to try some on today, because the pair of Paramounts I've been wearing when not walking is starting to get pretty foul.


For comparison, here's a shot of some Paramounts.

Test photo

I've got a pair of Paramounts in the garage that I've been walking in, and a pair in the house that I've been wearing at other times. There are no more to be had after they're gone. I'll miss you, LA Gear Paramounts.

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