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A shore thing

It was a spoopy, foggy morning, and I was driving to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island, where I've spent so many foggy mornings lately. But I glanced at the clock and realized I should have left an hour earlier. That would have gotten me there right when their hours start, and with plenty of time to walk the amount I wanted to and get back in time for my haircut appointment. So I kept on my path to North Everett instead of going over a few blocks to head North of town.

There wasn't enough time for a complete loop like I've done so many times, so I parked by Legion Memorial Park. It's closed for soil remediation, but the area across the street isn't, and there's always plenty of spaces. And nice trees.


From there, it's nice to head down to the water, because it's a good climb at the end. The tides were the lowest I've ever seen them.


Usually herons fly away as soon as I get the phone out for a picture. I'm amazed I got a shot of this one.


If there's any technological development I'd like to live long enough to see, it'd be power lines going away. Hopefully birds won't be too mad when that happens.


More waterfront loveliness.


The haircut I hurried back for. I dig it.

Hair update

Today's awesome walk, 3.34 miles in 1:01, 7,180 steps, 187ft gain
3.34 miles in 1:01, 7,180 steps, 187ft gain

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