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Did it, just did it a day later

Since I didn't set aside enough time for the route I wanted on Wednesday, I just did today instead. It's been a long time since I completed both loops at Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island, and it was cool to get back out there. Especially since they've done enough maintenance at Spencer Island that it's actually possible to do it without emerging completely soaked and covered in burrs.

It was cold when I got there! First time I've worn gloves this season. Thankfully I have texting gloves so I can still use my phone while I walk.


I was distracted on my way out of the house and forgot my iPod, though. This is the kind of place where I don't mind as much if I don't have music.


I thought there was just one abandoned boat in the water there, but it looks like there might be three or more.


Today's awesome walk, 4.5 miles in 1:24, 9,675 steps
4.5 miles in 1:24, 9,675 steps

I was calling this route the "bra route" because my mental map as I walked it looked like one, but now that I see the real version, it looks more like a beak. I'm still going to call it the bra route, though.

I heard lots of shotgun blasts during the walk, and even crossed paths with a pair of hunters and their golden retriever on my way out. I thought it was odd that they parked at the main parking area and walked a mile and a half in, because I don't see any indication that they can't park right near the bridge that leads to Spencer Island. And it doesn't seem like a pleasant walk for them, as they both had huge backpacks and shotguns to carry.


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