christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

End of Summer Bummer

I'd been away from the gulch long enough and was really missing it, so I gave it a shot this morning. It was muddier than I thought it would be. The whole experience was not very enjoyable, because I had to watch the ground the whole time. It began to feel like I'd be stuck in there forever, and for once, I was pretty happy to get out. I didn't even stop for any photos today.

Today's awesome walk, 3.93 miles in 1:31, 8,451 steps, 441ft gain
3.93 miles in 1:31, 8,451 steps, 441ft gain

If I go there at all, it'll need to be visits to the sides, from the sides. Going up through the center is pretty gross now. Some routes that incorporate nearby streets and go in and out on one side aren't out of the question, but I wish I could just do what I've been doing.

I suppose it's also time for me to revisit routes in my own neighborhood, and also head over to Big Gulch to see how it's holding up in the rain.

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