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Yesterday was our fifth anniversary. The anniversary of our formal ceremony we had when we became domestic partners, two years after we met, and two years and change before marriage equality came to Washington state, at which point we got married the first day it was allowed. We decided to celebrate at our neighborhood bar, and will probably do a nice dinner out sometime this week.

We visited Garrett's parents today. Bella was being her usual impish self.

Where'd she go?

Some recent cuteness from Steve.

Cozy af
Chillin' like a villain

I put a bird feeder/cat TV in the window recently but we haven't seen any birds just yet. I hope they discover it soon.


Saw these at Dollar Tree the other day. They really have everything there.

This store has everything.

Did I post this before? The neighborhood cat we call Janet loves to sit outside and torment Sam and Steve.

Neighborhood cat Janet, such an asshole.


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