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Hillin' and Chillin'

The main thing that's lacking in my walking options when the gulch isn't available is that they're mostly too flat. The gulch is good for climbing around a lot, and that's what I feel is most beneficial. One place I can go is the road that leads to the Boeing Recreation Area. It's not as nice, since it's a walk on the side of the road, but it's a climb nonetheless. So I went.

As you drive in, you go down a big hill and back up another, so by parking and walking back out the way I came, I have the option to climb twice. I got down to the lowest part and was just in the mood for one climb, so I turned around and came back up instead of climbing up, down, and back up.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 2.78 miles in 56 minutes, 5,970 steps, 263ft gain
2.78 miles in 56 minutes, 5,970 steps, 263ft gain

The area runs alongside the Eastern portion of the gulch, and I couldn't resist popping in for a look.


But it was extremely hard to even get in, as every path was very muddy and lots of them were also covered with tons of wet leaves.


So I jumped back off the trails, did an extra lap around the ballfields for more distance, then walked over to the fancier part of the trail that's got all the woodchips.


When the whole thing was over, I wished I'd taken that second climb. Mondays are sometimes creaky and sore days for me, though, and it's ok to ease back into the week.


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