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Yesterday and the day before were the first two days that we did the most important of my new job duties, which is testing. Going forward, the testing days will be much smoother, but as this was our first one, and various people have been on and still are on vacation, it was all a little nuts. No walks because no time, and after two super-sized days in my crappy office chair, my back is killing me. I'm definitely doing yoga later today.

The only time I stepped away from the computer on Wednesday was for my annual exam. Unfortunately, after five months of part-time veganism, drastically-reduced sodium intake, and tons of exercise, my blood pressure isn't that much better. I've managed to get the top number down a lot, but the bottom one is still far too high. So it's time to try medication, which I started yesterday.


I was really stressed about it after reading all the warnings, but when I posted the picture on Facebook, a surprising number of people replied that they were also taking it and nobody mentioned any terrible side effects except lots of peeing. I already pee all the time, so hopefully that won't increase too much.

I'll definitely be taking it easy today, workwise. I just finished updating some documentation to reflect the latest of the changes we tested yesterday. It's a good day to be coming off of a couple of extra-long days, as I have several errands. At 7:15, I'll get some blood drawn at the doctor's office. I'm choking down black coffee right now because that's all I can have. Gross. I also need to go to the post office because I sold my old Utilikilt on eBay last night. Not sure how much I paid for it back in the early 2000s, but I looked at their site on and they were going for $100-140. I sold it for $128, which is awesome.

I have another appointment this afternoon, but that'll be covered later. Mostly I'd like to just lounge around; I'm channeling the boys yesterday on the heated floor.


I'm excited to report that I'm basically debt free, for the first time in ages. There's about $60 on one credit card, and the amount that I got paid for the kilt will cover my Paypal balance. My credit score is also very awesome right now, too. Priority #1 for spending is a new office chair, for sure. I'd like to just order one on Amazon so I don't have to go find one and get it home, but I'm worried about buying one without trying it out first.


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