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Today was my first day out walking again since early last week, but I remembered before heading out that I'd been pretty cold. Not quite cold enough to switch to my winter tights, but cold enough to add a long-sleeved shirt under my hoodie. I always hold out as long as possible for those winter tights, because they're pretty annoying. Tight as all get out, and much less flexible than the others. They're warmer, for sure, but that warmth comes at a cost.

I wanted to see today how much distance I could cover if I did the "bra" route but doubled back every time I encountered wet grass. When I arrived, I saw that there was going to be a pretty decent sunrise because the sky was mostly clear, so I headed straight East instead of doing the Western loop first.

Today's awesome walk, 3.46 miles in 1:09, 7,436 steps
3.46 miles in 1:09, 7,436 steps

As is typically the case, things didn't go quite as planned. I was going to go to point A on the map, then turn around and go to point B and turn around. All the wooden bridges were very slippery, almost is if they were iced over, so I gave up when I got to the longest one. Just before I got to the path that heads East on the way back, another guy headed out that way, and it would have been awkward if I followed so close. But I didn't feel like I missed out on much, since I was just skipping four more slippery bridge crossings. And I still got to enjoy a nice sunrise.


I expected to drive into this bank of fog on my way home, but that never materialized.


One last shot on the way out of the mountains and their smaller copycats.


I'm glad I take so many pictures, because today I reached for my phone and realized it was gone. My gloves had been making it harder to put my phone in my shorts pocket, so I was trying to use the pocket in my hoodie instead. It's definitely not a good enough pocket for that phone, as it managed to pop out when I stepped off the trail for a pee break. But thankfully it wasn't long before I realized what had happened, and I knew exactly where to go to find it. Shorts pocket only.

Another odd thing from this morning: as I headed East on the first part of the walk on the road that I normally only walk West on, I noticed that it appeared to be foggy over the Southernmost part of the waste water treatment plant. Then I realized, no, it's just that the water is warm, and steamy. And the steam was drifting across the road, and I had to walk through that. Normally you can just smell it and that's gross enough, but being able to see the stink you're about to walk into is a whole different experience. Bleh.

It's colder right now than it's been in a long time. 43 degrees and the floor down here in the basement is very cold. Nothing else bothers me, but my feet are freezing. Thankfully I have a heating pad that's just big enough for the footrest on the recliner.


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