christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Wind aftermath

Our power went out for about 90 minutes yesterday afternoon, was back for a while, and then out again from 3:30 or so until 5:00am today. That made yesterday evening a little dull. Dinner wasn't easy to cook, as I did it outside on the barbecue. When we were shopping for one, we chose one with a side burner specifically for boiling water, and it's handy. I made macaroni and cheese there, and grilled some spam.


I chose that specifically because it didn't require opening the refrigerator or freezer, which stayed nice and cold because we left them alone. Maneuvering that lantern while cooking was annoying, so I think I'll pick up a headlamp soon.

When I checked the yards this morning, I noticed they were covered with tons of small branches and leaves, and I knew those would be a pain to clean up, but nothing I couldn't handle. I didn't notice until later that our largest tree in back lost a lot of really big branches. Too big for me to move, so we'll have to have the yard guys we use sometimes come over and cut them up with chainsaws and haul them away.

Big tree in back lost a bunch of branches in last night's wind.

I'm sure they got tons of calls and texts today, and I definitely don't expect to hear back about it right away. I skipped this morning's walk figuring pretty much anywhere might be a big mess, and that ended up being for the best because I was exhausted after cleaning up outside. I cleaned the driveway with the leaf blower, and that was my first time using it. Handy device!


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