christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A fine mess

I like living in the woods a lot, but the huge windstorms we get about once a year definitely leave a huge mess behind. The main reason I don't walk in my own neighborhood is that I prefer to go where there are fewer people, but right now it wouldn't be ideal around here even if I wanted to. All the sidewalks and paths are completely covered in fallen branches, leaves, and pine needles. The busy street around the corner that leads up to the neighborhood park is especially bad. But there are no trees at the beach, so I figured a nice stroll around there would be perfect.

Somehow even the road from the train station to the beach is trashed. Or maybe it's always been rocky like this and I'm only noticing now because of the storm.


It was an awesomely clear morning. I love when you can see layers of clouds settling in the mountains.


There are these large concrete areas between the beach and the railroad tracks with walls and fences partially around them. I have no idea what their purpose was. They can be really lovely, though.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 3.04 miles in 56:30, 6,539 steps
3.04 miles in 56:30, 6,539 steps

Two laps around the beach is pretty nice. Lots of time to stare at the water and mountains



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