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Ice Ice Baby

It's dark enough, late enough, that I decided I didn't really need to have an alarm set for this morning. It had been for 6:15, and without it, I was fully awake at 6:22. I lounged around a little more and got up to head for the riverfront. I've been annoyed with how dangerous it is to get back on the highway when driving out of there, so I figured Sunday's a great day to visit.

It was cold enough that my defroster was losing the battle against window fog and I had to turn the fan up to the second level. That's never happened. I checked the phone's weather app when I parked and it was 27 degrees!

"I'll look later, Clark. My eyes are frozen."

I also saw that, even though it wasn't foggy in the parking area, I could see the edge of the fog about 100 feet away. That was pretty neat. It looked like bad special effects.

It's definitely difficult starting out when it's cold like that, but after about 20 minutes, it's fine. Warming up a bit helps a lot. But since I started out late and since it was quite cold, I figured I'd stay off all the bridges and do either a lap around the larger loop, or get to the service road and double back for some more distance. As is often the case, I let other people make my decision. I saw what looked like a photographer setting up a tripod off in the distance on the access road, and a hunter on the bridge that leads to the island. So I turned back and had a longer walk. I'm glad that happened when it did, though, because the sun was emerging.


Today's awesome walk, 3.56 miles in one hour, 7,647 steps
3.56 miles in one hour, 7,647 steps

It's been a lovely day back at home relaxing with the cats and catching up on the DVR. The neighborhood cat we call Janet stopped by to annoy Sam and Steve.


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