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Friday, I'm in love

I got an email from Garrett on Friday saying he had a surprise for me, and that I should get on the 2pm ferry leaving Mukilteo.

Thank goodness for Uber. There's a bus that goes to the ferry terminal, but its scheduled arrival is at 54 minutes after the hour, once an hour. Pretty much every time I've been on an Everett bus, people who aren't in a real hurry hold everyone else up by taking their time getting on, paying, getting their kids and strollers settled, etc. If the bus was every half hour, I'd take the earlier one, but waiting around an hour just to ensure an on-time arrival is pretty annoying. I briefly thought about leaving my car at the Japanese Gulch parking area, but figured it'd be just my luck that someone would think a hiker had slipped off the trail and there would be a rescue operation. So Uber it was. And that ride was free for me. Not only did I have a nice credits balance, which I used and didn't even use up, but I still have a free ride waiting on top of those credits. I've done very well with their referral program.

The ferry ride is only 20 minutes, so there's not a lot of time to take pictures. But I always like getting a picture of people taking pictures.

No smoking. Yes fog.

Garrett found us a really cool little cabin with a sunset view in Clinton, which is on Whidbey Island. He picked up wine and some groceries for breakfast, and we grabbed snacks and stuff for dinner on the way from the ferry terminal to the cabin. And the cabin is very lovely.


The beach is right at the back wall of the patio, which has a regular fire pit, a gas fire pit, a grill, and a nice little garden off to the side.

This will do.

I make Garrett pose for the "G Wave" wherever we go.


It's not called Sunset Cottage for nothing.


Those are fresh flowers on the table, and they even left us wine! We brought that back with us to enjoy some other time.

Hair update from the cabin:

We had tons of bread left over from dinner, so the seagulls lucked out.

Seagulls love him.

It's a very long and lovely beach. I'm surprised we didn't see anyone walking by.


The next morning was very frosty. The garden was lovely, but I suspect a lot of that loveliness will be gone soon.


A rare reverse view of the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park from the ferry on the way back in.


What a nice little getaway. I love living somewhere that has such awesome places less than an hour away. And having someone so awesome to go to them with.


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