christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're hosting today, eight other adults plus a one-year-old, so this morning will be dedicated to finishing up the house cleaning we started yesterday, plus food. I'm in charge of mashed potatoes, which can be done any time. And they'll be much better than what I put on that stupid shepherd's pie.

I normally sleep with the window open because I like a cold room and warm blankets, but it's gotten cold enough that I closed my window and turned the heat on in my room for the first time ever. And it smelled terrible. My room should always be warm enough if I keep the window closed, and that sounds easier than using the heater enough to burn off all the dust. I really wish the whole house had heated floors; the additions have them and they're perfect.

Since today's a busy day, I'll just leave you with some recent cat cuteness behind the cut.

Steve mug and Steve @butchricky


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