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Frosty af

I didn't really know what to expect when I left the house. We keep our cars in the garage, which is nice on days like this when I pull out and the entire neighborhood's got a thick layer of frost. It wasn't particularly foggy or anything, except when I drove over the river. Right then, I could only see a few feet in front of the car, which was pretty scary on such a high bridge. It's very straight, though, and nobody else was around, so it was fine.

I pulled up to the riverfront park and it was the frostiest I've ever seen. 17 degrees! Something to keep in mind from these pictures: there was no snow at all, just freezing fog.

Yeah, it's a little cold out here.
19 degrees with freezing fog

I was pretty surprised with as cold as it was to see a heron. You'd think they would hang out somewhere warmer.

Heron and ducks

Walking in the cold isn't so bad, once you warm up. The problem was that it took me about half the walk before that happened. My hands were killing me, and that's with gloves! I might order some reusable hand warmers, but it never really stays very cold here for too long, so that might be dumb. Anyway, it was cold enough that my beard froze and I even found frost in my hair.

This is the first time my beard has frozen.

Today's awesome walk, 2.77 miles in 50 minutes, 5,952 steps
2.77 miles in 50 minutes, 5,952 steps

I was pretty happy that I'd dragged myself out and didn't turn back when my hands were throbbing, so I figured I'd just do one lap and head home. It was nice.


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