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Now that one of my duties is testing new features on our software at work, some days can be much busier than others. Today was one of those busy ones, so I plowed through what I could, sent out an email with questions about what I couldn't, and did some yoga. I realized when I was finished with that that if I hurried, I could shower and arrive at my barber's place right as it opened. That's the way I do it, because if I'm not the first one there, I usually have to wait, or the wait would be far too long. Today's a good example; if I'd gotten there four minutes later, I would have been second in line instead of first. I'll get a pic of the new hair next time I put product in it.

Got caught up on dishes, cleaned the waffle iron, and wrapped Garrett's Christmas present that came today. I hate wrapping presents and I'm not particularly good at it, but wrapping each present as it arrives helps. If I saved it all up to do at once, I'd get overwhelmed and keep putting it off.

Not sure why I waited so many years to start keeping vegetable scraps in a baggie in the freezer to make my own stock once in a while. They're going in compost bin anyway, may as well make an extra stop and have some nice homemade stock to use.

Making stock from vegetable scraps

Actually the best reason to start doing this is to get some use of vegetables that would otherwise go bad. I make a lot of crudite each week and it's not always possible to get to it fast enough. If I know it's not going to last much longer, into the freezer it goes.

Speaking of which, I should figure out what to make with it, and make it this week, so I don't have to freeze it.

Update: I hadn't wanted to freeze it because I didn't know what to freeze it in. Then I remembered we have a lot of ice trays because our last place's fridge didn't have an ice maker. I saved one container in the fridge and then filled six ice trays.

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