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Sloppy trails to you

One thing I've been frustrated about for years is the lack of followup in the news. I'm not just talking about one kind of news or a specific medium, either. Stories stand alone and are rarely linked well or expanded upon. Tragedies are covered extensively but recovery from them is barely talked about. On a local scale, we hear about things that affect our daily life, but we don't have good mechanisms in place to find out when those things stop. Today I was specifically thinking about the recent flooding over at Rotary Park and Lowell Riverfront Park. It wasn't the first time the area had flooded since we moved in nearby, but I never heard about it opening up again after the last time it happened. I just found that it was open again by stopping by. The original plan today was to do some yoga, but I decided to go check out the situation down there instead.

Today's awesome walk, 2.3 miles in 42 minutes, 4,955 steps
2.3 miles in 42 minutes, 4,955 steps

The hill leading to the area is pretty steep, and there's a good view of the Riverfront Trail parking area, B on the map. I could see that there was a garbage truck right near the entrance that was possibly blocking the way in, so I drove over to the Rotary Park entrance, where the boat launch is, point A. Open gate, clear parking lot, extremely muddy trail.


That's a paved trail, too. The flooding was bad enough to leave a couple of inches of mud on a paved trail. But I don't understand how the grass between the water and the trail can look so normal.


I decided I'd turn back, go to the car, and park at point B. From there, I could see if that part of the trail was any better, and if not, I could just head back home. But it was clear over there! So I decided to just walk to the end of the pavement and back.

One thing I'm seeing more of lately is these wheel-chair accessible picnic tables, and that's pretty great.


Not much else notable today since I stayed on the trail. It was overcast and I only got the slightest glimpse of the sun. The clouds were an interesting mix of pale blue and pink.


As promised, here's my new haircut.



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