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Thursday was my favorite day of the week for a long time. When I worked from home on Fridays only, I'd come home from the office on Thursday so happy, because Friday didn't have the commute or the shared office. Thursday has been my payday for years, every week. Thursday is Garrett's designated evening to make dinner. So much great stuff. Recently it's been less fun because I now have a conference call each week from 3:30-4:30pm, which is a bummer since I start my work day at 4am. Something changes when I have to break up my day that much, and I often go into a very productive mode.

Today I decided I'd shop for and make a new recipe, as well as make a batch of muffins. Those will be addressed in a separate "review" post. I also threw in a yoga video and a trip to the pool! When I came out of the shower, this was on the bench by my locker. Huh.

And odd find in the men's locker room at the swim center.

I had a few minutes here and there to sit and work on Brainstorm, an awesome movie that I haven't seen in forever. The boys kept me company.


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