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I was so happy with the sweet potato lasagna I made the other day, and since I figured it was the cashew cheese that made it so great, I decided to make a big batch of it. That was dumb. Not that it's not good, but I should have waited until I could think of something to do with it. The only thing I really wanted it for was to use on a "bacon" "cheese" "burger" for lunch today, so I decided to make another lasagna, with some minor changes.

Since it stays dark so late, I decided to go to the store for the stuff I needed, do the first lasagna step, and then head out for a walk. Going to the store first was great, but I ended up leaving later for the walk than I wanted to. Before that, though, I skinned some sweet potatoes, cut them up, and boiled them in my homemade vegetable stock. I wanted them to be even smoother than last time, so I ran them through the ricer. I always like a chunky mashed potato, but for a layer than needs to be smoothed out flat and thin, the ricer does a nice job.

Off to the beach I went. It was a perfect PNW morning; the kind of weather I moved here for, really. Cool and cloudy, but not cold. Damp, but not wet. Not always the best for photos, but perfect for living in.


Tons of geese and other fowl were around.


Unfortunately, so were a lot of people. The most people and cars I've ever seen down there. At least I got to see corgis!

Corgi race!

And this guy.


Today's awesome walk, 2.96 miles in 51 minutes, 6,357 steps
2.96 miles in 51 minutes, 6,357 steps

Nice walk. Good way to ease into the week. Back at home, I got back to work on the lasagna. Instead of spinach and chard, I found a huge bag of spinach baby kale, and used the whole thing. More mushrooms, too. And I cooked the onions and mushrooms down in my stock. Used about 2/3 of a jar of basil tomato marinara instead of a can of plain. We'll see how it compares to the first one I made. I've got three servings of the old one and six of this one in the freezer, along with five or so other meals, so it'll be a while before I need to cook any more lunches. I need to make another batch of granola tomorrow, though.

That "bacon" "cheese" "burger" I made sucked. I don't recommend Tofurkey brand maple "bacon." I don't hate it enough to throw away what's left, but I'll definitely never buy it again. What I didn't use is in the freezer and I'll probably crumble it up and throw it in something sometime. I'm not too sad about a bad burger today, though, because a family friend who recently had eye surgery needs my help taking her cat to the vet tomorrow, and she's taking me out to lunch at our neighborhood hangout after that. And on Wednesday, I need to go down to Lynnwood for an errand, so I'll try Katsu Burger while I'm down there. Five months of part-time veganism didn't do nearly as much for my blood pressure as three weeks of medication did, so I'll take an extra lunch out if the opportunity arises. I've also been thinking I may as well go ahead and eat leftovers for lunch if the need arises.

The new lasagna looks pretty much like the only one did. I didn't really get much of a taste after dividing it up, so I'm looking forward to actually trying it.

Another sweet potato lasagna

I also made another batch of stock today. Garrett saved me a lot of extra celery plus carrot peels from Thanksgiving, so it was mostly that. It's freezing in ice trays now.


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