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I haven't walked much in my own neighborhood lately, mainly because all the good routes require some time spent walking on Mukilteo Boulevard, which is busy and loud, and is also a little scary on the spots with no sidewalk. And I still have a hard time mentally shaking off how unpleasant those local walks were when my back pain got really bad last year. But my neighborhood's hilly, and I need more climbs while Japanese Gulch is muddy, so I just have to get over it. There's an advantage, too, since I need to leave later due to the darkness and I don't have to factor in the driving time.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 2.96 miles in 1:07, 6,371 steps, 337ft gain
2.96 miles in 1:07, 6,371 steps, 337ft gain

I like the trails at this park, but they're a little frustrating. I don't really like dead ends and having to turn back, and most people would at points B and C. They might connect, but I've only proceeded past those points once because it gets really steep.

Of course, my timing today sucked. The storm a few weeks ago took down tons of the trees. I was able to crouch to get under some of them.


This one blocked that trail completely.


It was nice to see that part of the trail that was washed out last time I was there has been fixed.


If there were any doubts how serious this storm was, this tree managed to bend a rail.


And one of the biggest ones in the neighborhood took out a huge section of a house's roof and damaged their boat. The bench in the bottom of the picture is about a third as tall as the width of the root base.


The park was nice and eerie in the stormy sky.


This is the entrance to Pigeon Creek Road, point A on the map. It's just an access road for city workers to get to the lift station down by the water. David Lynch and his crew were recently there filming Twin Peaks! That article states that the road is closed to the public, but I'm not sure that's 100% true. The warning signs at the top read "official vehicles only" and "no overnight camping" but nothing really indicates it's completely off limits. I've walked down before and probably will again.


One thing that's odd to me is that this gigantic lawn at the park doubles as overflow parking for special events. Imagine a bunch of cars here.


I found these stylish sunglasses! And got water in my nose while taking this photo.

Found these sunglasses in the park! Got water in my nose taking this picture. :(

And I saw this very adorable bunny on the way home.



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