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The walk so nice, I did it twice

I enjoyed yesterday's walk so much, even the dreaded traffic noise didn't stop me from doing it again. And I decided to go ahead and leave earlier. Walking in the dark never used to bother me, so I'm not sure why I've been avoiding it lately. There weren't nearly as many photo opportunities, and I do get a bit of a spring in my step when it's dark, so today's time was ten minutes shorter.

Today's awesome walk, 5.25 miles in 1:28, 11,292 steps, 583ft gain
5.25 miles in 1:28, 11,292 steps, 583ft gain

Since the step count from today is just one more step than yesterday's, I'm pretty sure now that the app is just estimating based on distance, rather than using any sensors in the phone.

While it was too dark for pictures, it certainly wasn't pitch black. The deep blue sky was pretty neat while I was out by the water. And I managed to catch glimpses of the sunrise just as I arrived to my immediate neighborhood.


Something I've been wondering about that I didn't realize I got in this picture until just now: why have they trapped that car behind that boat? Weird.


It's now gone from headband weather to hat weather. I look like a gnome.

It's gone from headband weather to hat weather, and I look like a gnome every morning


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