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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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BBQ Jackfruit
Press Your Luck
I bought a few cans of jackfruit a few months ago to make vegan bbq, and I've reviewed the recipe several times lately. Today I went to the kitchen to make it, and the site the recipe was on was down. I reviewed a few others and mentally combined a new one with what I remembered from the one I'd read.

BBQ jackfruit

It'll get a little more bbq sauce when it's used on a sandwich, but I wanted to try it as tacos first. I've got dozens of corn tortillas in the freezer to use up, and also was in the mood for avocado. These tacos have shredded cabbage, avocado slices, the jackfruit, and one's got salsa just to mix it up. This was good! And I finally realized you can wrap more around the filling if your second tortilla is offset a bit.

BBQ jackfruit tacos

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That looks delicious! I had to look up what a Jackfruit is as I've not heard of it before. Turns out it's really popular in some London restaurants - who knew!! I also found somewhere to buy Jackfruit in a can and a recipe so I'm definitely trying that. Thanks!

It's a pretty neat and rather neutral ingredient, I found it rather inspiring. Seems like it could work in a lot of different dishes.

I am, today. I was eating lunch, and feeling nostalgic.


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