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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Press Your Luck
Decided after a couple of good, long walks, today would be a good day for some yoga. Wednesdays are great for it anyway, because I like to prep the garbage/recycling/food and yard waste for Thursday's pickup, then do yoga. My neighbor wasn't able to meet for lunch, so I also went for a swim. I figured it'd be good to get one in this week since kids will have their winter break soon. Got back, had some more bbq jackfruit tacos, and am now relaxing for a bit before I do dishes. We're meeting Garrett's parents for dinner tomorrow since it's their actual anniversary, so he's going to make dinner tonight. I like to get all the dishes done and clean the kitchen a bit when he's going to cook. It's one thing if I leave a mess in there for myself, but I don't like to leave a mess for him.

We've named the hummingbird who has decided our feeder is just for her, Henrietta. It's funny how she'll hide in the tree in the center of the yard, and come swooping in to chase any others who try to take a drink away. I hadn't seen her in a while, but she was poking around in the fallen branches after the last big storm. It had been a while since I'd washed and refilled her feeder, so when I spotted her that day I did it immediately. She's still around and she's still hogging it all.

When I went to lunch with my coworker last week, her cat Mercury was behind me being a weirdo, but would stop if I turned around to look. So I pointed the camera backwards and got this.

Janet and Jermaine stress me out when they sit on that railing. That's a second-floor deck, so it's a long way to fall.
Janet and Jermaine, neighborhood gargoyles.

As I mentioned recently, there are of course tons of new pictures of Sam and Steve. I can't possibly share them all here, but they're tagged (Sam, Steve), and I've chosen a few of my favorites.

So happy together.

I had a headache Saturday morning and Sam wouldn't stop chewing on the tree, so I got really mad and did something about it.
Sam wouldn't quit chewing on the tree.

Daddy Longlegs

Can we go with you?

Ennui in the dining room.
Ennui in the dining room #cats #catsofinstagram

Extreme close-up, whoa!

Staircase of judgment
Staircase of judgment


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Mercury is weirdorable.

How old are your kitties?

Sam is 14 and I guess Steve is 5. We keep saying he's 4, but we got him in 2012 and he was 2, so I'm pretty sure he'll be 6 in April. We have his actual birth day in his adoption paperwork, but that's up in Garrett's office and he's still asleep.

And of course I had to consult flickr to confirm when we got him and since I was there anyway, here's the first picture I ever took of him at the shelter where we got him!


He'd been moved from one location to the other because he'd gotten sick, but we didn't know that and went to the original shelter first. We figured we'd go ahead and meet the cats they had at the first shelter, and there were so many sweet kitties there. It was hard to leave without one of them! But they were all pretty mellow and we wanted one who was a little younger and more energetic because we knew the new cat would have to assert himself in order to live with Sam. :)

Riley & Viola play a lot, but they don't cuddle. I've only seen them groom each other once.

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