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Throwback Thursday: Steve the Shelter Kitty
steve blue steel
The subject of Steve and Sam's ages came up in the comments of the last post, so of course I ended up at flickr looking at the picture I took of him when we met him at the shelter, plus the ones from the adoption site. Here's the face I fell in love with online.


Two more shots from the shelter site:

And finally, a pic I took when we met him. What a little heartbreaker.


His name was Tucker and he was surrendered to PAWS at age 2. PAWS neutered him, which means whoever had him had a young, rambunctious version of him. He was a little bitey and scrappy but with some patience, he became a lovey-dovey sweetheart.

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Awwww! My cats sleep upside down like that! It never looks very comfortable :)

I love him!! He reminds me of Miki in that last pic.

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