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Art updates

"Road Trip" by Sam Taylor (2000) is a wonderful addition to our little art collection.
"Road Trip" (2000) by Sam Taylor

I got this for a very nice price from Sam Taylor's gallery's recent fire sale. I knew about it because my friend Erika is his daughter and she promoted it for him on Facebook, and they were nice enough to meet me with it the night after the sale when I was in the neighborhood anyway for my niece's birthday/going away party. She's heading to Spokane next month for nursing school. More by Sam at Working Man's Art.

Orange bathroom update featuring "No School Today" print from Unusual Cards, available wherever fine things are sold.
"No School Today" print by Francesca Berrini

I've been seeing items by Unusual Cards in cool shops for years, and was recently e-introduced to the mind behind it all, Francesca, by a mutual friend. There's so much great stuff on her site, it was really hard to choose. I went with this one because there was a perfect spot for it in the orange bathroom.

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