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A very detailed peek
Press Your Luck
Nothing super special about today's route.

Today's awesome walk, 5.03 miles in 1:26, 10,823 steps, 592ft gain
5.03 miles in 1:26, 10,823 steps, 592ft gain

I saw a bunny!


And then got to have a really thorough look at a house I see all the time.


This house was for sale a while back, and last time I walked by, only the lower portion of the yellow sign was there, so I figured it hadn't sold and was about to go back on the market. As you can see from the sign now, the house is for sale, but with a catch. You can buy it for a pretty reasonable amount, but you have to move it!

Turns out someone bought the property in June for $1,090,000. It's a pretty cool house and it sits on four lots, but I guess whoever paid for it would rather build something new. I hope it gets moved instead of recycled or torn down. Though I can't imagine anyone paying $175,000 for the privilege of recycling it.

I definitely suggest having a look at the listing. It's really cool.

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I can't even start to tell you how unlike an English cottage that is ..... *snorts*

It's actually a weird smash together of different styles.

Very interesting and that seems incredibly cheap until you factor in moving it ...!!!

I thought that, too, but then I read their FAQ.

Q: What does the price of the house include?
A: Our listed prices includes the purchase of the house, the moving of it, the sales fee and the lowering of the house. There can be extra charges for delivery based on the location. Most houses are priced for a local delivery. Barging fees, wire fees, tree removal can be extra. These extra costs (if applicable) are listed in the Offer to Purchase Contract prior to signing any final contracts. Taxes are extra

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