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A very detailed peek

Nothing super special about today's route.

Today's awesome walk, 5.03 miles in 1:26, 10,823 steps, 592ft gain
5.03 miles in 1:26, 10,823 steps, 592ft gain

I saw a bunny!


And then got to have a really thorough look at a house I see all the time.


This house was for sale a while back, and last time I walked by, only the lower portion of the yellow sign was there, so I figured it hadn't sold and was about to go back on the market. As you can see from the sign now, the house is for sale, but with a catch. You can buy it for a pretty reasonable amount, but you have to move it!

Turns out someone bought the property in June for $1,090,000. It's a pretty cool house and it sits on four lots, but I guess whoever paid for it would rather build something new. I hope it gets moved instead of recycled or torn down. Though I can't imagine anyone paying $175,000 for the privilege of recycling it.

I definitely suggest having a look at the listing. It's really cool.

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